Hello and welcome to the Lodge! The Grooming Lodge of Arlington Heights is a professional, full service dog and cat grooming facility. We offer pet grooming for all breeds and sizes. We provide a peaceful environment that coupled with a great staff equals a great grooming experience.

We do it all: From a puppy's first groom to an AKC breed standard cut with an award winning Master Groomer...and everything in between!

Our Mission

The Grooming Lodge is dedicated to exceeding regular grooming standards. Proper hygiene of ears, nails, skin, and coat makes for a healthier happier pet. Our commitment to sharing knowledge of pet hygiene is always a priority.

By getting your dog groomed regularly we have the opportunity to handle and observe every area of your dog's body. If there are any changes or areas of concern it can be brought to your attention. This, along with regular vet visits, can be the keys to a pet's long, happy life.


We offer single staging suites for our single clients allowing them to experience the goings on during their visit. Multiple family dogs can be staged together in our medium or larger staging areas. Are large staging areas are also great for dogs that do not do well and small spaces. Our tubs are anti slip helping to ensure the stability and safety of our clients. A large walk in tub and drying table are also available for our more robust clients.

As a returning client, you will receive a discount on nail trims and face touch ups. What good is being a member if it doesn't have privileges?